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ISMS Risk Assessment

AWA’s cybersecurity solutions include information security management system risk assessment.

What Is the Purpose of ISMS Risk Assessments?

The information security sector is growing rapidly, and so are the number of cyber threats. ISMS requirements also continue to grow in this ever-changing landscape. This is why your organization needs a specialized team that can work with you to create an  efficient information security management system.

An ISMS is a systematic approach involving processes, technology and people that helps organizations safeguard and manage information through targeted risk management. ISMS risk assessments work to improve your organization’s overall security posture. They are fundamental in meeting security compliance goals and mitigating the threat of cyberattacks. Additionally, this type of testing can help your organization develop fitting information security procedures and establish employee accountability.

That’s where AWA comes in. We offer a comprehensive ISMS security suite covers every step of the process.

AWA’s ISMS Security Services

ISMS Security Services
  1. Analysis of information security controls.
  2. Review of the processes designed identify and classify information assets.
  3. Assessment of the risks related to information assets.
  4. Identification of the data protection controls needed.
  5. Construction of strong security policies and procedures.
  6. Monitoring security program performance and compliance to policies and procedures over time.

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FAQs about ISMS Risk Assessments

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker
CISM - Certified Information Security Manager

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