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CheckBox Penetration Testing

AWA’s new CheckBox penetration testing services are a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional security testing.

Introducing CheckBox

The Faster, Less Expensive Pen Testing Service

Are you required to have penetration testing done in order to meet vendor demands or regulatory requirements? Is this the first time that your organization will be put to the test? Or is it time to improve upon initial vulnerability assessment results? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you are ready for CheckBox Pen Testing services.

It’s a package service that slims down the pen testing process, making it faster and less expensive. Just right for companies that are approaching security testing for the first time, but don’t have the budget or the demand for extensive network assessments.

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CheckBox Cuts Costs and Time (But Not Quality)

By automating the process, we deliver a significant cost reduction for most clients when compared to traditional costs for pen testing services. It’s also much less time-consuming! 

  • 50% less expensive than traditional services
  • Complete testing in as little as 4 hours
  • Includes executive summary, technical report & remediation recommendations

AWA cuts down the process without cutting corners by automating tests that used to be done manually. When manual testing is performed, your company pays for the entire testing team. In contrast, CheckBox puts one tester in charge of setting up and monitoring testing activities. Then, our team reviews the findings and provides guidance for remediation and strengthening security measures.

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Easy, Affordable, Efficient Pen Testing Services

That Meet the Requirements of Most Security Frameworks

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CheckBox pen testing is comprehensive and reporting meets the requirements for many of the most common regulatory frameworks. Depending on the controls involved, testing generally satisfies the following standards:

  • HIPAA 
  • ISO 27001 
  • NIST 800 
  • CMMC 
  • HITRUST i1 
  • SOC 1 & SOC 2 
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Automated Penetration Testing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Inside the Box? 

This service suite helps your organization identify and fix any vulnerabilities in the system. If left alone, these vulnerabilities could be exploited by a malicious actor. Within a few days of performing the pen tests, the AWA security team provides: 

  • Executive summary of testing 
  • Technical report of testing 
  • Recommendations for remediation  

Once your team has had time to remediate the vulnerabilities that CheckBox pen testing has identified, Remediation verification processes are scheduled to ensure the holes in your security are properly plugged. 

Can We Really Just Check the Box? 

This type of automated pen testing service is recommended for startups, SaaS activities, organizations with immature IT security programs or a relatively narrow scope for testing, are new to vulnerability assessments, or which don’t find the value in extensive security reports. We provide testing and attestation for any type of environment – on-premises, cloud, and hybrid – and for any CSP infrastructure.

What If We Need a Bigger Box?

CheckBox pen testing isn’t for everyone. For example, these services aren’t applicable for web applications or mobile apps, or for organizations looking to meet PCI compliance requirements. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from this more efficient and cost-effective methodology. We provide a hybrid approach for organizations that also need to have a web or mobile application tested, or which have a larger scope. Contact our team to find out if your infrastructure fits in the box, or to start developing a custom security testing solution. 

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker
CISM - Certified Information Security Manager

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